Rise Inu

The first dog-focused hyper-deflationary token
using a new buy-back system on the BSC network.

Dog Never Die

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About Rise Inu

There are many things in this world that are designed around expression. Art, poetry, even selfies and Tik-Toks are all about self expression.

But expressing yourself needn't only be portrayed through art.Meaningful expression can come in many forms, including but not limited to Memes and Crypto Currency.

Expressing yourself is possible through Rise Inu with a new variation of the adorable Shiba Pup. Rise Inu plans to build a fresh, inclusive and fun community around the Inu doge, because while many may think it is a bear market, we still think it is an Inu Market, and dog never die.



We wish to do more than not die, we want to thrive. To do this we plan to reward holders, the token has a 9% tax on each transaction. 2% is redistributed to holders, then 7% is used for our new RINU BOT that buys back tokens after someone sells.


This Dog comes equipped with the RINU BOT who buys back tokens after each transaction. The amount is controllable and can be adjusted for Market Cap Milestone Rewards as the community continues to grow.


Dogs are fiercely loyal companions. The RINU BOT is nothing less. It helps to steady the price of RiseInu while simultaneously rewarding holders for their loyalty.

This helps correct price fluctuations and promotes the growth of the coin through volatility. RINU BOT never rests and Dog Never Die.


Phase 1

✓ We went live with a fair launch after a successful Pre-Sale
✓ Increased our community growth with our first milestone of 100 members in the Telegram
Next Up:
- Apply to CoinGecko, Blockfolio, and CoinSniper and more to increase awareness and availability to increase holder count
- Start 4chan, Reddit, and Twitter marketing campaigns to increase Telegram members as well as community involvement
- Reach our first holder milestone of 500 to help raise liquidity and market cap

- Reach our next milestone of 1000 Holders continuing to increase liquidity and market cap
- Add price and a custom logo to Trust Wallet
- Reach a 50m market cap through continued social media outreach and community engagement and shilling

Phase 2

- Reach 5,000 Holders through expanding availability and continuous marketing efforts
- Start the Dog Never Die campaign ( Stay Tuned for more details! )

Phase 3

How To Buy

-Create a Metamask/Trust/Coinbase wallet.

-Send BNB to MetaMask (Or preferred wallet).

-Buy BNB through your preferred wallet or exchange, you can also transfer it to your BSC wallet address from another wallet.

-Visit Pancakeswap and click “Connect Wallet”, your preferred wallet will ask for your signature.

-Confirm and proceed.

-Set your slippage to at least 13% (depending on volume) and enter the amount of BNB you would like to swap for $RINU. Click Connect Wallet then Swap.

-Swap BNB for $RINU. The contract number is

-Confirm Swap transaction in your preferred wallet prompt.